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Matcha Latte

If you’ve ever had matcha the traditional way, you’re familiar with its bitterness. Made by stirring vigorously with a bamboo whisk, the frothy drink compliments the sugary sweets usually served with it. The matcha latte we made over the weekend is a simple recipe from a book we bought a couple of years ago in Japan […]

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Matcha Pancakes

A beautiful bag of Lupicia matcha sits in my freezer. I’ve baked with it on occasion, but each time I’ve walked away unsatisfied, thinking the end product never lived up to the irresistibly delicious thing I imagined. Matcha’s delicate flavor makes it challenging to incorporate into a recipe. Other flavors can easily dominate or the […]

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Humble Beginnings

I love Japanese food for its simplicity and ability to meticulously compliment the natural flavor of its ingredients. You could say this is a matter of personal taste, but Japan has an undeniably high standard when it comes to food. You don’t need a Michelin guide to tell you—it’s hard to find a bad meal […]

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About Humble Bean Thank you for visiting Humble Bean! My name is Azusa and I started this site in 2009 for personal reasons and to provide you with the motivation and technique to make Japanese food at home. I focus on Japanese recipes accessible for the home cook, so you won’t find anything overly complicated […]

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