Chicken Tatsuta Age

A close cousin to the commonly known Japanese fried chicken, karaage, tatsuta age is different in that the chicken sits in a quick marinade before dusted in a coat of katakuriko and fried in hot oil.

I know deep frying seems like a lot of work but as a side dish, it’s no big deal. I use a small pot to get the job done, which means smaller batches, but I use less oil and the clean up is relatively easy. A squeeze of lemon is all you need to finish off the dish.

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Carrots with Sesame

If you need a new way to eat vegetables, this sesame sauce is versatile. Here, I tossed it with steamed carrots cut into matchsticks, but you could also use this on green beans, asparagus, or broccoli. I imagine cooked chicken would be just as delicious. I keep a jar of it in the refrigerator and use it throughout the week.

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Hayashi Rice

Have you ever had hayashi rice? It’s a beloved dish, right up there with omuraisu and curry rice, but doesn’t get as much attention here in the U.S. I ate it growing up, but it fell off my radar until our last trip to Japan. Quickly, it’s become one of our favorites so I knew I wanted to share it with you here.

The flavor is hard to describe—it’s beefy and tomatoey—both savory and sweet, which is why it’s popular among kids. It’s one of those fusion foods that has made its way into the cuisine. There are different versions that use mushrooms and peas, but for me, eggplant is a must.

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4th Anniversary!

I started Humble Bean 4 years ago with a personal mission to cook more Japanese food at home. This blog was a place to hold myself accountable and explore a wide variety of recipes while improving my skills as a home cook. I’ve had many failures and disappointments, but I’ve always been encouraged by your interest in what goes on here. Blogging can feel isolating at times, but your comments and emails have been such a happy surprise. Thank you!

To commemorate this anniversary, I’m posting a recipe every weekday for the month of March. I hope you enjoy the recipes and that cooking Japanese food has been made more approachable in your own home as it has in mine.

Happy cooking!

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What’s to Come

Next month is Humble Bean’s 4th anniversary! While past anniversaries have gone by without mention, I thought this year we could do something different. I’ve been planning a string of new recipes—one for each weekday—starting Monday, March 4. Hope you stay tuned.

An update on recipe booklets: I’m sold out but, because I’ve had several inquiries, I’m considering a reprint. While I’m looking into costs, I’m making the first recipe booklet available for a digital download on my Etsy site.

Also, just a reminder—you can like Humble Bean on Facebook, where I post photos, events, and news relevant to Japanese food and cooking. I’m also on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, if that’s more your thing!

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Braised Daikon with Chicken

We’ve been getting great daikon at the market. I wanted a recipe with a well-seasoned broth that gently cooked its flavors into the daikon. I found this Chinese-inspired dish in haru-mi, Harumi Kurihara’s quarterly magazine. The savory broth is made from the reserved liquid from rehydrated shiitake, chicken broth, shoyu, oyster sauce, leek, and smashed fresh ginger. Then, it’s finished off with a drizzle of sesame oil. This is easily one of my favorite daikon recipes.

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Oshiruko is a sweet red bean soup with mochi, often served around New Year’s. I made a contemporary version of it with kabocha, but this is the traditional way it’s prepared. The method is simple, so it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a recipe. I used the leftover New Year’s mochi I had in the freezer but I’ve also used shiratama (which is what I used in that previous kabocha shiruko post), when I don’t have any mochi on hand.

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Giveaway Winner!

Just a quick hello to say thank you to everyone who bought Humble Bean’s second recipe booklet. I’ve enjoyed mailing these out to you every week and hope you get cooking! Also, congratulations to Akina for winning the random giveaway—your care package of Japanese goodies will be in the mail this week! There are still a few booklets left, so place your order before they run out. Wishing you all a happy and healthy holidays, full of good food and company.

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Recipe Booklet 2 and Giveaway!

After successfully selling out of Humble Bean’s first recipe booklet, I’m excited to announce a new collection of recipes, just in time for the holidays. The new booklet features some my favorite recipes from the past year as well as new ones you won’t find on this site. I’ve made every effort to create a booklet that will be cherished by people who are interested in cooking Japanese food at home. These are not elaborate recipes, but personal favorites that are on regular rotation at my house. In other words, these are tried and true dishes my family loves. I designed and handcrafted each booklet with care, making it a unique compilation. Read on for more info and for the special giveaway!

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Smashed Kabocha on Toast

I’m going to make this short and sweet. I sprang into action with a kabocha I had in the fridge after watching Mark Bittman’s latest video. I had other plans, but quickly changed course after I saw jammy caramelized onions being smashed into roasted kabocha and layered with fresh ricotta on toast. And wow. I ate it for lunch, had it as a little appetizer before dinner, then ate it again on my breakfast toast.

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