Furikake Popcorn

I’m excited for the weekend because we’re headed to San Francisco! My husband’s independent feature film, The Crumbles, is premiering at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. It’s been 3+ years in the making, so it’s a big occasion for us. This is a bonus post to celebrate the debut of The Crumbles!

Folks from Hawaii will recognize this as a take on Hurricane Popcorn, but my version uses canola and olive oil instead of butter (or whatever that pouch of yellow liquid consists of!). I use nori fumi furikake, which has aonori and sesame seeds for the perfect balance of salty/sweet.

Kick your feet up, pop in a movie, and enjoy this popcorn. OR, if you’re in the Bay Area this weekend, come check out the debut of The Crumbles with us. It’s been a fun collaborative effort among friends and we’d love for you to see it. Cast and crew will be in attendance on Saturday, so get your tickets!

The Crumbles
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, San Francisco
Saturday, March 10 at 3:15 pm (SOLD OUT! Info on rush tickets here)
Wednesday, March 14 at 6:00 pm
Tickets are sold here and at the door.

For an updated list of screenings, please go to The Crumbles website.

Furikake Popcorn
Makes 2 servings (Honestly, I can finish this off myself. Don’t judge.)

1/8 cup canola oil
1/4 cup popcorn kernels
olive oil

In a 3 qt. pot with lid, heat the canola oil and 1 popcorn kernel over medium-high heat. When the oil is ready, the kernel will pop. Add the rest of the kernels and cover with the lid. Once the kernels start to pop, shake the pot, but keep the lid secure. You don’t want any of the steam to escape. Keep hovering the pot over the stove and shaking until the popping slows. Turn off the heat and empty the popcorn into a large bowl. Lightly drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle some furikake. Toss to combine and repeat a couple more times until the popcorn is adequately coated with furikake.

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  1. Mary Ann
    Posted June 4, 2012 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

    I can’t wait to try this!!

  2. Posted June 4, 2012 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

    Be careful, Mary Ann. It’s crazy addicting!!

  3. Hilary
    Posted November 7, 2013 at 6:40 am | Permalink

    Hi! I’ve been going through your blog for a while, but I had no idea your husband did the Crumbles! I went to the Asian American Film Festival in Seattle last year! I have the poster on my wall right now. What a coincidence! Anyway, great job on the movie, and great job on the blog. I really like a lot of these recipes. Keep it up!

  4. Posted November 7, 2013 at 8:04 am | Permalink

    Hilary, wow what a nice surprise! Thank you for supporting the film and this blog. We had a great time in Seattle last year—what a beautiful city with lots of amazing eats. Here’s to many more food and film connections now and in the future!

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